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Galaxy, as a professional wholesaler and exporter of glass packaging containers, is committed to providing customers with qualified products and professional services. We are partners with multiple large glass container manufacturers and export agents for Hua Xing Glass. The product covers pharmaceutical bottle, liquor & wine bottle, food jar & bottle, cosmetic bottle, daily used jar and accessories. In addition, personalized customization is Galaxy’s biggest strength, with a variety of bottle colors and decorations. Of course, we also have a large number of ready-made molds for you to choose from.

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Our Story

Initially, Tuco and Tiff worked in the procurement of food companies, involving products such as glass bottles and jars, and gained an understanding of the irreplaceable importance of glass packaging in the food industry. Since then, Tuco has participated in exhibitions, visited many glass bottle manufacturers, and collaborated with some of them. Two years later, Tuco worked in international trade, supplying glass packaging materials to buyers around the world. During this period, he went to the factory multiple times to learn the latest production technology of glass and professional knowledge on product quality concerns. Tuco learned from the customer's account that many buyers are not proficient in glass packaging materials, so most of them have had unpleasant experiences and purchased products with substandard quality, reducing profits.

Our Mission

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